Week Two

25 03 2011


11 March

Since this semester started with UTS´s “new” concept of the “new” Master of Design all this has been quite overwhelming. It seems that it is taking a step forward and I find it quite interesting. However it may seems it is going to be like last year, (a lot of talking and less doing) but maybe it is different this time so I´d better give it a shot. It is important for designers to be good listeners so I am looking forward to listen and learn.

The seminar started with presentations of inspiring people who are active players in the design industry at this moment. I find this quite motivating because it makes me get more engaged with my personal interesting of getting involved as a designer. And definitely be able to experience design at all levels.

Ellie Nicol and Lauren Tan are the two lecturers this week. Ellie kicks off enquiring about design and its processes. Design, but what?

She argues that many factors are involved in the process such as design experience, costumer experience combined with user-centered design among others.

Suddenly I ask myself, can new ways of design change the world? I certainly think so and it became a bit clearer when she talked about Emily Pilloton´s project about reinvigorating poor rural areas through experiential design. By doing this you can help change an entire community by providing better tools and more opportunities to face the future.

So it looks like it is all about UX design. It sounds quite futuristic for me. UX Design is experience design, interaction design and participatory/Co design, whatever they mean. I am just starting to get to know all these new concepts and get more familiar with them. Some research is needed to be done here to be able to fully understand the direction of this subject and its potential outcomes.

On the same topic, Lauren explained how experiential design can improve the life of people with dementia. Program Dott 07 works with users in areas of health, education, energy, food and mobility. She also points out that design it’s made of working with the users and made a connection with Bruce Mau´s sentence “Not a world of design, but design of the world”. I found Bruce Mau quite an inspiring designer, his talk on TED was interesting which made reflect on how my role as a designer would be working with projects on social impact. It is amazing to be able to help a wide range of people with special needs making no differences whatsoever.

…so I ask myself again, can new ways of design change the world? YES




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