Week 4

19 04 2011

25 March

UX Boot Camp

This was a whole day workshop on experience design run by Penny Hagen. She is a UX Consultant and Strategists currently pursuing a PhD in design research methods and social technologies at UTS. The workshop was quite active and managed consistently in very well paced timings. It went from picking an emotional face to express our feelings that morning all the way to be working in different teams building muck ups. It is totally a “learning by doing” workshop which engages designers as well as users, especially when they are interacting together. She points out that as designers we have a responsibility with the users. We need to bring the people in to the design process. I totally agree with this idea because it definitely brings out better outcomes at all levels. In this regard Liz Sanders leads the way when it comes to Participatory design. In her book “Co-creation and The New Landscapes of Design” (Sanders and Stappers, 2008) she talks about how the role of the designer and design research are changing the future when Co-Design is involved. She is an important contribution to the study of Participatory Design and Co-creation among many others.

One of the interesting parts in terms of reflecting on design both individually and as a team was the before and after activity. It was the best example for this and the paper was the perfect reflection for it outcomes. Our topic was on postgraduate experiences as students at UTS. “Yes, before I had questions but now I even have more questions” said Dorothy. However, the difference now is that she feels like the path is more clear and she has more tools and knowledge now. Personally I had the feeling that before, design was more about individual work and mass production orientated. Now, the trend is going to participatory design, multidisciplinary teams and a more user orientated design. “Outside Innovation” is such a self-explanatory concept from Patricia Seybold and an excellent discovery for me. In her book, “Outside Innovation, How Your Costumers Will Co-Design Your Company´s Future” (Seybold, P. 2006), she talks about building businesses from outside in as a revolutionary strategy. She argues that companies have to bring costumers and users into the innovation process. By doing this it will create better solution and therefore better products/services. I strongly recommend to reading her blog as she constantly has interesting perspectives about Co-Design and most definitely she has a voice in this.

References and Links:

Sanders, Elizabeth B. -N. and Stappers, Pieter Jan (2008) ‘Co-creation and the new landscapes of design’, CoDesign, 4:1, 5 – 18

Seybold, P. ´Outside Innovation, How Your Costumers Will Co-Design Your Company´s Future. Collins, 2006











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