Week 6

19 04 2011

8 March

Service Design

Service Design, another two word concept which is sort of new in the design world along with some others we have been looking at such as Design Thinking and Experience Design. Jeremy Walker is passionate about service design and he is here because of that. His lecture is very engaging and inspiring in terms of becoming more familiar with this concept, understanding its meaning and be able to use it as a powerful resource.

Photo by overlobe

by overlobe

About service, there is good service and bad service and I have experienced bad service, exactly like the one Jeremy explains. You can perfectly be half an hour on the phone with the electricity company explaining your background information just to be able to give details of you current situation. From there, to actually get answers or solutions it can be a long way to go therefore it can be a real nightmare. Thus we need good service, and how do we get good service? We can achieve this by applying design to it and it becomes Services Design. In addition to this, it focuses on the user, their experiences. Moreover, in understanding what customers want to be able to design a service which meets their needs. However, I am still trying to find its real meaning. Searching for some answers I came across Suze Ingram´s blog about Service Design called servicedesignhub. She is an Experience Architect who has created a good space for those trying to get their hands on Service Design. Check her presentation called “Would you like service design with that? Her presentation is a contribution to the understanding of the concept of Service Design. She puts forward the idea that Service Design has 4 methodology stages: Discovery, Design, Testing and Implementation.

On the other hand, how good is service design? Is it really essential? Are there any problems with it? With a very different perspective, Jeff Howard talks about The Problem with Service Design, dramatically pointing out that Service Design is futile and that we are wasting our time with it. Can this be real? In his post he talks about the problems with it and that every effort put to it will be eventually taken for granted. His arguments are quite strong stating that restaurants doesn´t get credit for having clean facilities. Starbucks doesn´t get any credit for providing cardboard sleeves to prevent form burning. These things are simply expected and they are all part of the service provided.

Although I find this concept important because it provides a helpful system of examinations to designer, I ask myself, so designers are designing less and doing more research?

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