Week 7

19 04 2011

15 April

Brand Strategy

Photo by: http://www.worldstopbrands.com/brand/top-brands-2009

This week is Peter Wilson´s turn; he is a master in Brand Strategy currently working at Cato Partners here in Sydney. I find it rather motivating that many of these important people are based here in Australia. Additionally, this is one of the main reasons that I took this Master of Design was that offers ´close Industry connections´ as a key aspect and I personally have had not experienced that yet. Now I happen to realized that the lecturers are “out there” working in the business market as active players. I am quite familiar with designing brands and logos, so can easily relate to them and I know how much work are required to come up with a good design. Watching Peter Wilson show his extensive portfolio with a wide range of different projects and partnerships is inspirational to a certain extent. A simple two line icon can have a huge strategy behind it which usually becomes invisible for many.  It has a certain magic endorsed in it which I have always been attracted to. This strategy and magic is what can make a successful brand or not. In this regard, Tan Donald, in his “Success Factors in Establishing your Brand” (2010), points out 5Cs for brand success. These are: Communication, Confidence, Connection, Commitment and Consistency. Moreover, he stresses that companies must appreciate the importance of branding and how a successful brand directly adds to their outcomes.

References and Links:

Tan, Donald (2010). “Success Factors In Establishing Your Brand”, Franchising and Licensing Association. http://www.flasingapore.org/info_branding.php





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