Reflection on Learning Experience

13 06 2011

After graduating from university I knew I needed to further develop my career towards a better design practice and certainly this Master has been the right tool to accomplish this. It has been a great experience in all senses, inspiring and insightful, and I learnt an absolutely new way to think and act as a designer.

One of the most important things that I have learnt in this semester was regarding Co-Design, User-experience Design and Service Design. Not only because I think that is it there where the future of design is going to but also because it was something completely new for me. Furthermore, to be able to incorporate this into my professional life as a designer will be an important achievement for me, especially as an industrial designer. In this matter, industrial designers have been focusing in products more than people so it seems hard for them to incorporate these concepts when creating new products.

Now I can look back and reflect on some of my enquiries concerning design practices. I remember when I asked myself things like, where was design going to and as a designer, where was I in all this? Back then, I did not wanted to have any preconceived ideas or judgments. Now, I am almost certain that design is going towards the users; therefore most of the topics that we addressed during the seminars are key role players for the future.

Task 2 in this case, became the perfect opportunity to test my new design skills. Being a Chef myself it was easy to get engaged with the topic of “Eating a Meal” and the restaurant I work in turn into a real in-context scenario. Surveying students and office workers eating their meals was another insightful task. One of the most significant findings was acknowledging that eating “better” meals could makes us happier individuals and that for me was truly an amazing discovery.

All this allowed me to be truly immersed in the discipline in term of research design methods concerning the user and context practices. Additionally, it helped me understand the nature of the relationship between a designer and users which I think is vital and often disregarded. In this matter, I was able to use different techniques and experimentations mainly with the users and to be able to translate all findings into useful information.




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