Urban Farms and Gardens

2 02 2012


Ok amigos so Santiago, capital of Chile is one of the most polluted cities in the world with very little green spaces and no urban farming culture whatsoever. In addition to this there are a lot of “dead” spaces scattered around the city that nobody cares about and that are completely forgotten. One of my many interests are plants, farms and horticulture and one of my goals as soon as I return to Chile is to start small farms and plant edible food in urban areas. Especially those areas that are good for nothing that I was talking about. Obviously these spaces are not mine and they are usually someone else or the authority owns them like the government or some organization. This is a sort of hacking someone else’s good for nothing property to turn it into a beautiful edible garden that will be good for everybody. In this regard I need Tips and recommendations in areas like how to address the owners of that land to “convince” them that my intervention will benefit them, the community and the planet as well. Also I might need suggestions on how to start something like this and basic things that I would need and which types of plants are better to grow on a situation like this one. I have seen many great examples of this around the world particularly in the U.S., Canada and England, even in some countries in South America like Brazil and Argentina. Chile is quite far from accomplishing this but now is a good time to start and I am keen in bringing this to my country and plant an important seed of urban farming culture.

Any type of help will be welcome and appreciated.

Thank you all,

Feli Gonzalez





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