Innovation: failure and success are on the same road.

2 10 2012

When we talk about innovation, startups, entrepreneurs and businesses, many times I hear and see that success is the opposite of failure (not grammatically). Additionally, most speeches, discourses, leadership and snobbism among others things, show that in order to be successful you can never fail or have never failed before. OMG, don´t ever think of failing coz nobody will hire you nowhere and you will be a failure. … And that it is not true in any sense.

We all know that Design thinking and all the “new design methodologies” contradicts this and they even say exactly the opposite thing. Listen (or read) carefully and that is all the purpose of this post, failure and success are on the same road, they point on the same direction. The only different thing is that failure is hopefully a few miles away and success will sure be after that, sometimes right away and some other times a bit later but eventually if you fail, success will come my friends. Winners and achievers go that way and fail quite often, losers and underachievers go to the opposite direction. So, to conclude, if you don´t fail, you don´t succeed and then you go back to nothing.



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